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Due Diligence in Choosing Business Partner

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Joint ventures and associate in business will bring many opportunities for the development and success of business. However, it is not easy to choose partners to help maximize the value for business, especially in this difficult time. That is the reason why we should conduct the due diligence research before making any decision.
According to experts, there are enterprises that growing very fast because they choose the right partners involving in the value chain, but also there are well-known enterprises in the market that have to face with a lot of difficulties due to choosing wrong partners. Therefore, how to choose the right business partners, financial partners and strategic shareholders to help enterprises overcome difficulties, develop faster and more sustainable are always issues that concerned by many business leaders.
In challenging conditions as at present, the economic situation in Vietnam and the world places great influence on the partner selection of companies. Currently, the debt crisis in some European countries caused the demand for import from these countries dropped sharply. Therefore, Vietnam enterprises must seek new markets. In this situation, companies should restructure their operations, choosing to produce products that are suitable with the new markets.
There are two key partners that companies need to keep in mind, they are financial partner and business partner. Depending on the objectives of the companies that they will choose the right partner. Normally, with the stable economic condition, companies often choose strategic partner.
However, in difficult situation such as the present, the choice of partners is made for short term so that the company could be able to change and adapt according to the general environmental condition. Many experts believe that, in difficult times, good cooperation will help enterprises to stand firm and “over storm” successfully.
Hence, conducting the due diligence research helps us to have a clearer vision of partners before deciding to cooperate with them in business, especially partners in foreign countries where you still feel strange. Whether choosing business partner or financial partner, companies should be cautious. They should learn from the Japanese companies. Before deciding to cooperate with a partner, Japanese companies often study the partners very thoroughly. Therefore, the cooperation project of Japanese companies often succeeds up to 85%.
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